Cyndx is the first true AI-driven search and discovery solution for dealmakers, investors, fundraisers, and corporate development professionals. This intuitive, cloud-native suite of solutions will surface acquisition targets, manage capitalization tables, and identify investors who are actively deploying capital in a given industry or geography.

Unlike the traditional index-based filtering tools of yesteryear, the Cyndx platform was built on an analytics foundation. This efficient and adaptive engineering allows Cyndx solutions to leverage the latest and greatest in web crawling, translation, and natural language processing technologies, resulting in wider, fresher, and more relevant search results.

At Cyndx, usability is not an afterthought. Forget the complicated filtering syntax and Boolean operators of the past. Cyndx ‘concepts’ logic intuitively connects the dots across 300,000 themes, industries, products, trends, etc. Clean user interfaces with smart type-ahead search bars and minimal clutter make it so that even the occasional user can search and discover with confidence. New Cyndx users are onboarded and uncovering valuable insights within 15 minutes of their first login.

Come join our quickly growing team of engineers, data professionals and banking experts as we help revolutionize the way that investments are made.